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Four Ways to Get Your Dream Body While in Nosara

A holiday shouldn’t only be about gaining excess weight or coming back as a Michelin tyre man. No, it can be a perfect time to get that body you have always dreamt off!

Here are four tips you can follow if you want to transform while vacationing in Nosara. This place is actually one of the best settings to get into shape. Consider going surfing two times a day. Spending time in the water jumping on your board, paddling against the waves and trying to catch one will definitely have an impact on your bodily health. Not only will you lose that extra weight while having fun you will also build muscles and totally tone that body of yours.

That’s not all, surfing will make you more confident in all areas of life and it will greatly enhance your mental wellbeing.

Surfing has actually too many benefits to mention here. In addition you should know that it is a powerful meditation that will eliminate stress and negativity and will have you feeling absolute joy and bliss in no time. The beaches in

Nosara are just perfect for learning how to surf and Yaxa is only a five minute walk from one of those magnificent surf spots.

Nalu is an excellent venue to go to when your goal is to transform your body and mind. They offer many classes that will surely get your body in perfect condition. Such as HITT 40/20 Training. A high intensity interval training class that will get you to your highest fitness level under the guidance of some serious experts! Nalu also has Karate classes that will not only give you more strength and flexibility but will also greatly enhance your focus and determination. They also offer one of the best Muay Thai classes outside of Thailand. The instructor studied this martial art form for many years. They have many classes every day, so check out their schedule and go for it!