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One of the more unique elements the helps to define what Yaxa Nosara Hotel is all about is our approach to food and beverage. Up until now our food and beverage program has been more limited than we would have liked, even though our special one-off communal dinners and Burger Nights became very popular and were enjoyed by so many diners. From this success we have decided to take advantage of our learnings and unveil a new and enhanced food and beverage offering for our upcoming third season, which will feature the following:

  • Yaxa Friday Night Communal Table
  • Daily Yaxa Tapas 
  • Daily Breakfast now available for everyone
  • Yaxa Bar Open Every Night
Close up of chicken dinner dish

Yaxa Friday Night Communal Table

Every Friday night Yaxa will offer a prix fixe communal table available to guests and non-guests alike, featuring traditional dishes from the south of France and North Africa. Some of the $50 prix fixe dishes slated for this communal table include Brandade de Morue & Crouton, Aioli Provençal, and Tajine Chicken with olives and cured lemon. The menu changes every week & will be posted every Monday on Instagram. The communal table is available by reservation only.

“Petites Choses Manger” - Daily Yaxa Tapas

Every day of the week the Yaxa culinary team will be serving delicious tapas style dishes for guests at dinner time. Some examples of tapas include: homemade pickled vegetables; rustic pork rillette, braised pork shoulder & pork belly with herbs; Brandade de Morue, local fish mixed with potatoes; and Poireaux Vinaigrette, slow cooked leeks and more.  We are excited to be able to offer this new menu for our hotel guests, who can eat in or take out.

Daily Breakfast Now Available for Everyone

The simple and delicious Yaxa Nosara breakfast guests have come to love will now be available to non-guests for a nominal fee. Every day, breakfast is presented as a refreshingly simple approach of two eggs (in a range of expertly prepared styles), fresh French bread, preserves and butter, fresh squeezed orange juice and perfectly brewed dark roast local Costa Rica coffee. Yaxa Owner and Food Director, Lisa Baehni, says, “A Yaxa breakfast is just enough for guests to fuel the first half of their active day and the sophisticated French preparation only adds to the memories created.”

Close up detail of breakfast food, egg, greens, beans

Yaxa Cocktail Bar:

Every day 5pm – 10:30pm, the Yaxa Cocktail Bar offers a preset cocktail menu featuring classics like the Garibaldi, Negroni, Aperol Spritz, Penicillin, Margarita, Old Fashioned, and more. Yaxa bartenders focus on locally sourced and grown ingredients for the menu creations. The delicious drinks and beautiful ambiance really create for a bar experience that perfectly closes out every day in Playa Guiones.

The Food Offering is Just One Aspect of What makes Yaxa Nosara Special:

Beyond the food offering we feel Yaxa Nosara offers two significant attributes that separates it from other hotels in the Nosara and all of Costa Rica.

Close up of veggies, eggs, carrots, and broccoli on food plate


Yaxa Nosara has a unique style aesthetic that is a magical combination of French elegance, gypsy lifestyle, and casual surfer vibe set amidst a tropical backdrop. This unique panache, like the seashell & pebble paths and indigenous foliage, is intricately woven throughout Yaxa’s mini-village physical layout of seven Cycladic architecture-inspired cabanas, elegant soaking pool, and awe-inspiring Ranchero shaded common space.

Service Offering:

A casual and friendly-cool, European styled service offering makes Yaxa Nosara Hotel feel more like a family-owned bed and breakfast than anything else, which makes it one of the most charming hotels around.

Yaxa now offers a more complete package for people looking for something special & unique

With these new food & beverage enhancements like Friday Night Communal Table and Daily Yaxa Tapas, Yaxa Nosara Hotel is excited to surprise new visitors with what a tropical adventurist destination hotel is all about. In addition, we are looking forward to surprising returning guests with a more elevated and exciting food offering from what they remember. Our third season is now upon us and we can’t wait to just hone in what Yaxa Nosara is all about and offer a unique and special experience for all our guests. 

For more information on how to book with Yaxa Nosara, you can click this link to look up room availability