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With the new year, Playa Guiones comes alive with adventure, surf, and yoga seeking travelers from all over North American, Western Europe and beyond. The Pura Vida spirit of the local Costa Ricans is in full bloom as the sun rich skies illuminate this tropical Pacific oasis during the summer season. At Yaxa Nosara, co-owners Lisa and Luca offer a genuinely welcoming and personality rich staff that present a perspective to tropical destination travel that can’t be found anywhere in the world. The thought provoking and creative inspiring artistic approach to all décor and aesthetic aspects of Yaxa is as rich and flavorful as the daily breakfast and cocktail menu.

Yaxa Nosara Communal Table Braised Pork Shoulder

Yaxa Friday Night Communal Table

The Friday night communal dinners is something out of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s recollection of enlightenment salon get-togethers. Lisa and Luca offer a shared dining experience that has multiple 14-person place setting tables setting-up a curated three course dinner that curiously leads open minded travelers to share past stories and new perspectives, which fosters meaningful interactions often serving as a catalyst for unexpected friendships.

Yaxa Saturday Night Burger Night

Saturday night “Burger Night” offers up mouthwatering classic 1950’s drive-thru style, two-patty cheeseburgers as well as, locally hard to find, New England-style lobster rolls. Word has gotten out locally about this low-key unique community hang so make sure to arrive on the early side.

Yaxa Friday Night Burger Night

Your Family in Playa Guiones

The peak summer season runs through April but this gypsy cool, French-chic, surfer and yogi hide-out books guest straight through August. If you are a traveler that prefers to find new places and destinations each time you head to an airport, beware of Yaxa Nosara Hotel as it’s likely to completely mess-up your entire vacationing approach. Most guests of Yaxa feel like one of Lisa and Luca’s own family and just like your favorite aunt or cousin, you just can’t wait to get back and see them again.

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